Our Hearts are with the Flood-hit Villagers


The long-lasting downpours in the Monywar area since mid-July resulted in the sharp rise of the water level of the nearby Chindwin River and more than 2500 households of 10-plus villages near the Letpadaung copper project have been flooded since July 31,2015.


Myanmar Wanbao sent out the rescue team in the first time that the flood of Chindwinriver hit the villages, among which ShweHlay, Toan, Balaung, Whet Hamy/Kantaw New Villages are hardest hit because they are in the lower area close to the Chindwin River. Local people said they are used to flood in raining season, but this years severe rains in the whole Saigaign Region, particularly the upper reach of the Chindwin river, raised the water level and hence they suffered most this year.


Learning that the flood-hit villagers urgent need is drinking water and food, Myanmar Wanbao immediately appropriate the first batch of the fund totaling 50 million Kyats to purchase rice, vegetables, eggs etc and organized CSD members and villagers to cook for the flood-hit people. More than 10,000 packed food have been already provided since August 1,2015 and flood-hit villagers, who already had to move out from their home to the higher places and found difficulties in cooking and has no access to drinking water.


Besides, Myanmar Wanbao took the following measures in the rescue efforts:


1. Providing temporary shelter for the homeless families;


2. Mobilizing vehicles to transport clean drinking water every day;


3. Sending mobile clinic team to the flood-hit people to provide medical services;


4. Organizing all the Chinese and Myanmar staff to donate for the flood-hit people.


Our hearts are with the flood-hit people, who are members of our Letpadaung families. Myanmar Wanbao will make every effort to help the flood-hit villagers and help them overcome the difficulties due to flooding.