NORINCO International Armament Research & Development Center Unveiled



The inauguration ceremony of NORINCO International Armament Research & Development Center was grandly held on September 23. NORINCO President Zhi Yulin and other leaders jointly unveiled the nameplate of the company.


Establishment of the NORINCO International Armament Research & Development Center is an important foundation for NORINCO to realize the "three transformations" and "three upgrades" of arms trade, and an important step for NORINCO to implement its innovation-driven strategy and transform into a modern multinational. Taking research and development of arms trade products as its key mission, the Center will carry out systematic planning and top-level design for the development of arms trade equipments, market research, product planning and technical support in arms trade field, arms trade branding and continuous improvement of product quality, and help develop the domestic weaponry and equipment industry.