Meeting held with 2016 new employees 

A meeting was held between NORINCO leaders and 2016 new employees on July 15. More than 100 new employees at NORINCO headquarters and its Beijing-based subsidiaries attended the meeting.

President Zhi Yulin gave an important speech to the new employees, in which he reviewed NORINCO's development history and urged them to fully understand NORINCO's special mission, aim high and work hard, and grow together with the company. After introducing NORINCO's 13th Five-year Plan, President Zhi pointed out that NORINCO's grand goal of becoming a world-class multinational enterprise set up a big stage for employee development and providedeveryone with the opportunity for success. At last, he expressed his expectations for the new employees - they should foster a fine work style, carry on the fine tradition of hard work and temper themselves through painstaking efforts and difficulties; they should strictly follow the disciplines, be politically sensitive and never touch the red line; and they should work dedicatedly and intelligently to succeed in what they do.

NORINCO's Secretary of CPC Committee Zhang Guanjie chaired the meeting and gave a summary speech. He welcomed the new employees to join the NORINCO family and expected them to hold on to their ideal and faith, strive to become pioneers of the times, grow together with the company, and improve their overall capability and foster the sense of craftsmanship.

Representatives of new employees introduced themselves at the meeting, talked briefly about how they felt about joining NORINCO, and expressed their resolve to make active efforts for NORINCO's development. Later they will receive a series of trainings on NORINCO's development strategy, management system, dressing and etiquette, and will also study the contents in the company exhibition hall to better understand the company's strategic culture, get familiar with its rules and regulations and become a true member of the company more quickly.